1. Life IS grand! Thanks for that reminder. I look forward to playing with my energy – what a great experiment. Also, thank you so much for the second-to-last paragraph about our animals choosing to be on this journey with us.

  2. This was great, just what I needed since life has become a bit more stressful lately. But both my horses and a mini donkey put things back in perspective for me. Chase, the poor guy, had to work on me and my mental state for quite some time! But what a great job. Will have to get back to meditating more….

  3. Thanks for sharing Wendy. I tried your technique the night after reading your blog. A very noisy thunderstorm came thru at 11:30 PM with an intense lightening show. My 70 lb German shepherd and 8 lb kitty were having thunder terrors and wanted me to ‘save them’. I have tried different techniques for my dog the entire 11 yrs that I have had her and have found no way to calm her thunderstorm fears. I dropped into TM meditation and expanded it out into the room as you suggested. By gosh, both the cat and dog layed back down and went to sleep!! Even with the thunderstorm continuing to cause a rucous outside!! Unbelievable…I was able to fall back to sleep myself and we all had a good night. You are fabulous!!!

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